Boulder’s Best Farms and Roadside Stands

2024 Boulder Farm Stands

Nestled at the foothills of the majestic Rockies, Boulder, Colorado offers more than just scenic beauty and outdoor adventure. It’s also a haven for farm-fresh produce and local goods. This summer, explore the agricultural bounty of Boulder with our guide to the must-visit farms and roadside stands. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, these spots are perfect for stocking up on fresh, local produce and unique Colorado goods.

Munson Farms

About: A Boulder staple since 1976, Munson Farms is renowned for its sweet corn and pumpkins, flowers, and Christmas trees. But there’s much more to explore at this family-run farm, including pick your own flowers and a generous farm stand right next to Cure Organic farms below.

What to Buy: Don’t miss their famous peaches and heirloom tomatoes, alongside the sweet corn.

Visit: Munson Farms Website for hours and location.

Cure Organic Farm

About: Cure Organic Farm is a small, family-run operation focused on sustainable agriculture. With over 100 different crops, free-range chickens, and honey bees, it’s a vibrant example of local farming at its best.

What to Buy: Enjoy fresh vegetables, eggs, and honey. Their farm stand also offers meats and artisanal products from other local producers.

Visit: Cure Organic Farm Website for directions and CSA details.

Black Cat Farm

About: Operated by Chef Eric Skokan and his family, Black Cat Farm supplies their Boulder restaurants and offers a farm stand for the public. The farm practices organic methods and produces a wide variety of crops and livestock.

What to Buy: Look for unique vegetables, heritage grains, and cuts of lamb and pork not commonly found elsewhere.

Visit: Black Cat Farm Website for location and hours.

Isabelle Farm

About: Located in neighboring Lafayette, Isabelle Farm is a family-run, organic farm offering a vast selection of produce across its 500 acres. Their farm stand in an old milking barn is a delightful experience.

What to Buy: Choose from over 100 types of vegetables and fruits. They also sell local dairy, meats, and other artisanal goods.

Visit: Isabelle Farm Website for more information and CSA options.

Sunbeam Farm

About: Sunbeam Farm is a small but mighty farm practicing regenerative agriculture. They’re known for their commitment to biodiversity and soil health, producing vibrant, nutrient-dense produce.

What to Buy: Seasonal vegetables and flowers are the mainstays here. Their bouquet CSA is a local favorite.

Visit: Sunbeam Farm Website for visiting information and to sign up for their CSA.

Boulder Farmers Market

For those looking to experience a bit of everything, the Boulder Farmers Market is a must-visit. Running from April through November, it’s the perfect place to meet many local farmers, enjoy fresh produce, and discover handmade goods from the Boulder area.

Location: 13th Street between Canyon Boulevard and Arapahoe Avenue.

Visit: Boulder Farmers Market Website for schedules and vendor information.

Aspen Moon Farm

About: Aspen Moon Farm is a cooperative farm that works and resales products from other farms as well, offering a CSA that is sure to please.

What to Buy: Seasonal vegetables, fruits and flowers and this is a “Real Organic” compliant farm- no Bill Gates Apeel insecticide on “orgnanic” food here!

Location: 7927 Hygiene Road, Hygiene CO 10am-6pm Tuesday-Thursday

Visit: Aspen Moon Farm website for visiting information and to sign up for their CSA.

The Bee Hugger Farm

About: AThe Bee Hugger Farm is a charming farm experienece and opportunity for kids to hang out with pigs, goats, horses, sheep and other farm animals and offers a self-serve farm store for raw local honey (great for allergies), eggs and a you pick sunflower field!

Location: 12590 Ute Highway, Longmont CO 8am-8pm daily.

Visit: Bee Hugger Farm website for visiting information and to sign up for their CSA.

Benevolence Orchard & Gardens

About: Benevolence Farm is one of our favorites with awesome community nights with movies, a self serve farm stand and CSA.

Location: 6712 Jay Road, Boulder CO 10am-7pm Daily

Visit: Benevolence Orchards website for visiting information and to sign up for their CSA.

Boulder Lavendar Farm

About: Boulder Lavendar Farm is a small honor system cart overlookinjg a very fragrant field of lavendar bouquets and offers products, egss, honey and kombucha.

Location: Arapahoe Avenue at Willow Creek Drive East of 95th Street in Boulder (no website)

Buckner Family Farm

About: Buckner fmaily farms raises beef, pork and lamb served at the state’s top restuarants right here in Boulder County. They offer a once a month sale for those that sign up on their email list and offer frozen meat cuts like German, smoked banger, breakfast sausages, bacon , hot dugs, and chorizo.

Location: 10075 N 75th Street, Longmont CO

Visit: Buckner Family Farms website for visiting information and to sign up for their local deals.

Growing Gardens

About: Growing gardens is an agricultural learning organization with a cute farm stand full of lettuces, local mushrooms, pasta , baked goods and meats.

Location: 1630 Hawthorn Avenue, Boulder CO

Visit: Growing Gardens website for visiting information and to sign up for their CSA.

Masa Seed Foundation

About: Masa Farms is one of our favorite places to get seeds and starters! It is one of our best repositories for seeds in Boulder and offers online packages of seeds for our Zone here in Colorado, to take the guess work out of your next garden planting!

Location: 1367 75th Streetr, Boulder CO

Visit: Masa Seed Foundation website for visiting information and to sign up for their CSA.

Ollin Farms

About: Ollin Farms extends a welcoming experience including a stand well stocked with vegetables, greens, herbs, flowers, and array of local food products and includes booths from other small farms.

Location: 8627 N 95th Street, Longmont CO 11am-6pm Weekdays & 10am-2pm Saturdays

Visit: Ollin Farms website for visiting information and to sign up for their CSA.

Red Wagon Farm

For those looking to experience a bit of everything, Red Wagon Farms is a must visit and long time supplier of fresh local organic food for our resturants and bistros.

Location: 1640 Baseline Road, Lafayette CO 12-6pm Weekdays and 10-6pm Weekends

Visit: Red Wagon Farms for more information.

Plan Your Visit

Before heading out, check each farm’s website for the latest visiting hours and available produce and know there are many more farms in Boulder County which you can find in more detail on the Boulder Farm Map. Many farms also offer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs, allowing you to receive a share of the harvest throughout the growing season. It’s a great way to support local agriculture and farmers on the front end of their planting and enjoy the freshest possible produce year around with your friends.

For an interactive map of more Boulder’s farms and more details on Boulder’s local agriculture scene, including roadside stands and seasonal availability, visit Boulder Farm Map.

For an interactive map of Boulder’s farms, roadside stands, and seasonal availability, visit the Boulder Farm Map. Embrace a culinary journey through Boulder’s countryside this summer and indulge in the finest flavors of local Colorado!