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Planning Department Questions:

Looking to build, remodel or do permitted work? Wonder about the zoning, density or future use? Connect with our City and County Planning Departments for guidance and services that will help streamline your planning and development processes. From initial concepts to final approvals, we provide they can provide the necessary support and answers to your questions.

ILC/ Survey Quotes: Flatirons Inc Surveying

It’s always adviseable to know the property lines in any transaction to insure against encroachments or problems. Start a quote for an Improvement Location Certificate (ILC) or construction survey with Flatirons Inc. , Boulder’s Premier Surveyor.

Jeff Barnow with Waterman Bank

New Loan Applications:

Ready to finance your real estate dream? Begin your loan application process with expert financial guidance from our trusted partner, Waterman Bank and Jeff Barnow.  Start Your Loan Application with our favorite Banker and Broker. Jeff has repeatedly saved our clients thousands of dollars.

Amerispec Home Inspection with Eric CondaHome Inspections:

Ensure the integrity of your property with a thorough home inspection including for Radon, Mold, Sewer Scopes and other Environmental Hazards. Schedule your appointment with a local, certified home inspector today through AmeriSpec Inspection Service

Colorado Real Estate Forms:

Explore the latest approved real estate forms for a better understanding of the preapproved FORMS updated annually and provided by the Colorado Real Estate Commission for All Agents.

Tenant Applications:

Boulder Financial Realty Tenant Application

Interested in one of our rentals? Start by submitting your Tenant Application through our secure online independent service. In the event of co-signers, please list your co-signers information for financial qualification and ask for a co-signer guarentee if applicable by contacting us from the About Us page.

Tenant Landlord Handbook: Fair and Equal Housing

Navigating the nuances of landlord-tenant relationships can be complex. This comprehensive Tenant Landlord Handbook provides clarity and guidance on rights, responsibilities, and resources to enjoy your tenancy with confidence. Empowering you with knowledge and having a fantastic relationship is our priority. We always give our tenants the first right to renew.