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Start with our Investor Questionnaire so we can better understand your current portfolio, investment and reirement goals and timeline. Our private discovery offers tons of off-market income properties to share with you if you want to do a 1031 exchange as well. We can help.

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Over $60m sold ...Read some of our Seller Testimonials explaining how we are different than most Brokerages as a Full Service Boutique Realty Office since 1992 in Boulder County. We choose our clients as much as they choose us and get results.

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We’re creative about our exit strategies and help investors and landlords maximize rents with aressive preleasing, improve capital gains through construction improvements, and partner to condo map and create separately sellable units for individual resell for the highest gain.

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As investors ourselves , we strive to maximize gains on the sell side and discovery properties with sweat equity so you can build your portfolio in the smartest way possible.

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We strive to earn your referrals and create long term relationships with our investors, to connect you with our network and earn you substantial gains over the course of your investment.

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Feel free to peruse residential income and commercial property for sale on this page, with more information than you will find anywhere else online, including search features by cap rate, gross/net operating income, business type, current and possible uses and more. For additional CoStar Options, complete our Investor Questionnaire.